Best and Worst Hairstyles at the Emmys

Hair Hangover! I keep replaying the Emmys in my head, going over the dresses, the speeches, the winners…and most importantly, the hair!

The following is my breakdown of the hits and misses:


Best: Claire Danes, Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendricks (though I hated her dress.) All of these ladies had nice, groomed curls that were shiny and frizz-free without looking crunchy or overly uniform.  To achieve this look, apply a smoothing serum like Sudzz FX Zenyth from the ears down, then use a large iron to form curls.  Wind them up and pin them close to the head to let them set.  You might choose to use one roller in the front for some root lift around the face, but using rollers all over will create too much volume.

Worst: Kyra Sedgwick, Julia Ormond, Toni Collette. To get this look…roll out of bed?  Kyra and Julia looked just that way.  Toni, who has been spotted with overly messy hair before, made a good attempt but fell short due to flyaways and too little control. This could have been tamed after the fact with a non-hold siicone gel, such as Sebastian Laminates Concentrate


Best: Anna Paquin, Keri Russell, Heidi Klum (whose dress I also hated– we get it, you have nice legs, but that was toooo short!)  Anna’s was the most successful avant garde hairstyle, using a clear band or wire to create a uniform ridge around the top and front after pulling hair back into a modern style.  Keri wore a loose bun with a decorative embellishment, which perfectly complements her ballerina look (though her dress was maybe a little too low-cut?) Heidi’s creative updo was glamorous and chic, using many twists and curls to show off her beautiful highlights.  I love this type of look on Heidi, she wore something similar at this year’s Oscars.  Keep up the good work!

Rose Byrne, Mindy Kaling, Naya Rivera. Rose’s hair was too messy/frizzy, and Mindy’s and Naya’s were too structural, large, and…just kind of odd.


I don’t generally believe that this is appropriate for an awards show (OK, maybe MTV.)  So I am reluctant to name anyone “best,” but here goes:

Glenn Close, Brooke Burke, Hope Davis.  Glenn looked nice; it would be difficult to put up hair that fine, and her style was age- appropriate.  Brooke is always gorgeous, and her hair was no exception on this night, but it still kind of looked like any old magazine shoot.  Hope’s hair was smooth and nice, but looked more appropriate for a dinner date.

Worst: Padma Lakshi, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter (hot dress, though).  These ladies just fell short with their casual hair. Padma’s looked like an every day look, nothing bad, but also nothing special and this was a special day.  It ended up being a very special day for Top Chef, but unfortunately not for Padma’s hair.  January was a different story.  Her dress made such a statement (which I liked, but not for this event) that I understand wanting to keep the hair simple.  But sadly, there was frizz around the back and the front had odd locks dangling at odd angles.  I wondered at first if they were extension pieces, but decided it was just too much texturizing pomade on fine hair.  Jennifer looked gorgeous, but her hair was just too “blah.”


Here’s the thing: the BEST extensions are undetectable, so I’m going to focus on a few ladies whose “extra hair” was too noticeable. Lea Michele has long, straight dark hair with bangs on her triumphant show, Glee.  For a temporary change, her stylist opted for clip-in extensions in a lighter shade.  The “darker roots, lighter ends” look is very popular right now, and I like it. BUT–it usually includes a few pops of the lighter color in front, and a blend as the eye travels down the hair shaft.  In this case, the entire top was dark and the entire bottom was several shades lighter.  This was especially apparent from the back!  The awkwardly-parted bangs were sort of distracting, but not in a good way.  Great dress, but not so much on the hair.  Julie Benz, who has surgically altered her face and body almost beyond recognition (but stopped short of Heidi Montag status), was wearing a ponytail extension that just didn’t match the hair growing out of her head.  I don’t understand this.  Sarah Michelle Gellar did it, about 10 years ago, before extensions were so common. It bothered me then, and I didn’t even do extensions yet, but now that they are so much more widely used, there’s just no excuse.

Honorable mentions for overall Emmy hair awesomeness:
Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Julie Bowen, Emily Blunt, Emily Deschanel.

Dishonorable: Edie Falco’s almost-updo (up-don’t), Julie Louis- Dreyfus, Olivia Munn

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