The Screen Actors Guild Awards were last night, and you know what that means…lots of gorgeous gowns, make-up, jewelry and HAIR!  Also, some that was not quite as gorgeous.  Whose did you love or hate?


“The Help” did well at the awards, and some of its stars did very well with their hair!  Some–there were others, who I won’t mention, who wore their hair the same old way it looks every day, a pet peeve of mine for formal events.  Viola Davis usually wears her hair down, with a good portion of it covering her forehead and face, so this light, wavy, dare-I-say fluffy style was a big departure from her usual look.  A little bit 70’s, and very flattering (seriously, I think she looks a lot younger this way!) I loved this look!

Ashlee Simpson has been wearing her hair short and blonde for some time now, which is unusual for her.  It’s basically a rock-n-roll interpretation of a pixie, which definitely suits her age and persona, but this is a perfect example of how it can be manipulated into a sophisticated, Old-Hollywood glam look!  How, you may ask?  It’s still short and bleached, but why does it look so much more refined now? My guess would be a pale pearl toner, a deep shine and conditioning treatment, and some hot rollers which were large enough to give it a little bend, but not really curl it.  Then it was swept off the face to reveal amaaaazing skin; add to that some natural tones to really make her eyes pop, and there ya have it.  Bellissima!

Octavia Spencer also gets a round of applause for showing up with such a ‘different’ look.  Her hair is usually down and parted in the center, with or without bangs, and sometimes curly/wavy.  So how is a gal to make a statement that this is a special night and she wants to dress up for it?  Pull it all back into a chic chignon!  Well done, Octavia Spencer (I would like to credit her stylist, but I don’t know who it is.)


Busy Phillips…I’m sorry to say that this hair looked like it was braided off the face to get it out of the way while doing dishes.  It was on-theme with her hippie-ish dress, but could have been done much better.  Nicole Richie, for example, has worn some beautiful boho-hippie-chic braided hairstyles. This was a poor knock-off of Jennifer Aniston’s braided hairstyle from the Oscars. THREE years ago…

Heather Morris gets credit for a bold attempt at combining the current braid trend with some 1940’s Victory Roll glamour, but I’m afraid it just didn’t work.  The braids were uneven and lumpy, and the difference in her hair color (roots vs. ends) was distracting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the new generation of braided styles, but this one just missed the mark.

The biggest offender of the night was Kelly Osbourne, who is still rocking the weird, nursing home-style half-purple blonde hair that she wore at the Golden Globes. Seeeriously.

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