Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston tribute brought tears to every Grammy viewer with a pulse!  Only Adele could steal attention away, with her glamorous make-up and her armful of Grammys. BUT–neither of these ladies made my ‘Best Hair’ list (or my ‘Worst Hair’ list, though the latter was close.)  So let’s get down to business!

Top honors go to Alicia Keys, for boldly combining three hair trends into one fun style: a braid, Victory rolls, and a pompadour.  My little cousin told me on Facebook today that her dad said Alicia looked like Bruno Mars…well, he’s not entirely wrong, but I’d say she’s way more fashion-forward.  (I think Bruno Mars looked more like Dustin Nguyen from 21 Jump Street.)

My other two favorite hairstyles of the night were Rihanna, and Kate Beckinsale.  I wouldn’t love Rihanna’s hair if I saw her just walking down the street, but for a rock-n-roll fete, it was perfect! Kate donned the pompadour trend as well, with a full, wavy ponytail in the back.  It was fun, flirty, and also very event-appropriate.

Now, on to the worst hair of the night:

Oh, Katy Perry, how I do love your ever-changing look.  But blue ain’t easy.  I know, I’ve had it (don’t make me scan in an old pic…)  It’s a lot of work; the hair must be bleached all the way past yellow into pale blonde, then treated deeply with a blue color for a good, long session.  It will inevitably fade quickly, and quite possibly unevenly, so that blue needs to be re-toned frequently (seriously, like every week or two.)  So while I can get behind some funky blue locks, I cringe when I see the greenish fading and roots around the edges.  You couldn’t see it as much when her hair was down and crimped, so maybe she should have stuck to that.  Or, just pulled out her trusty old blue wig.  Much easier, and doesn’t stain the pillows/towels!

Next up is Carrie Underwood.  I love Carrie Underwood!  I just didn’t love her hair this time.  It started out as a frumpy, heavy semi-updo, but then was taken down and styled to the side.  It looked pretty nice when it was taken down for her time onstage with Tony Bennett, but every time she moved, it moved with her in one solid block.  Aqua Net, anyone?

Last, but not least, Lady Gaga.  She was rocking some funky black-and-blonde ‘do that was just a few loose bobby pins away from Cruella DeLauper…

Honorable/Dishonoarble Mentions:

Kelly Osborne gets the “Most Improved” award.  Her hair is now a pinkish lavender, and most importantly, it is all one color, as opposed to the mish-mash she’s been wearing (shown here at the SAG Awards):

Adele deserves a mention for her 60’s glam make-up and beautiful, flattering dress.  Her hair just doesn’t do it for me…pretty much ever.

And finally, the “What the…?!” Awards goes to Robyn.  Robyn is Sweden’s Pink, as far as appearance goes.  She is pretty, wears her hair very short and can look soft or tough.  As seen here, she looks great sometimes.  But last night, for whatever reason, she kept her roots uncolored and had her hair cut like a 14 year-old boy (or maybe it was cut BY a 14 year-old boy.)  She then added some electric blue eyeliner to her soft green eyes, and topped off the look with a sparkly decoration (bookmark?) hanging over her ear.  Say it with me, “What the…?!”

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