What is a Brazilian Blowout™? According to the official Brazilian Blowout™ site, a Brazilian Blowout™ is America’s #1 smoothing treatment.  Brazilian Blowout™ is the only smoothing treatment in the market that actually improves hair’s condition. This amazing, in-salon treatment takes approximately 90 minutes and the result lasts for 10 to 12 weeks.

Next week I will run an article from Jordana Lorraine, a certified Brazilian Blowout™ Specialist at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey. Jordana will tell us how a Brazilian Blowout compares to other treatments such as Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT), which we learned about last week. I’m excited to learn the differences because I have some confusion regarding the various treatments!

In the meantime, here is a testimony from one of Jordana’s clients.

“I am always on the go! I have 2 little children and they keep me busy from the time I wake up, until the time I go to sleep. For the past 4 years my hair has been looking rather ragged!! I never have the time to blow dry my hair, let alone style it. Jordana came to me with the idea of a Brazilian Blowout™ to ease the daily work load…Before this treatment I had over processed blonde hair, uneven waves and frizzy hair. My hair is softer, more vibrant, and all around easier to handle. When you don’t have time to put yourself together, because you never know what is going to happen with both children, I always know that my hair will look fabulous! Thank you Jordana for such a great gift.”

Before and After Shots:
before Brazilian Blowoutafter Brazilian Blowout

Check back next week for more information about the Brazilian Blowout™.

UPDATE, APRIL 2010: Brazilian Blowout™ is now free of formaldehyde and all hyde family ingredients, as shown on their website www.brazilianblowout.com. Read our report: BIG NEWS: Keratin Hair Treatment, Brazilian Blowout™ in Now HYDE-FREE!

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  1. This article talks about he Other Brazilian available at Concept Salon NYC. The treatment is keratin-based, like the Brazilian-straighteners used in many salons, however this one uses a substitute preservative called glutaraldehyde that makes it safe and gentle on the hair. There is NO formaldehyde in the treatment, making it non-carcinogenic. There is no mask you need to wear while it is applied. I have two friends who get it done to their hair and the results are amazing. And no uncomfortable burn at all. Seems like a good alternative to the original Brazilian Blowout.


  2. Great article, Jessica! It inspired some research, as Brazilian Blowout is the only brand I’ve heard of that allows the freedom of no rules about when to shampoo. So I called Concept Salon and for some reason it took quite a while but I did get someone to answer my question about what brand they use. Lo and behold, it is Brazilian Blowout!

    I think the confusion lies in that there are so many treatments stemming from a process which originated in Brazil. While the brand Brazilian Keratin Treatment does contain formaldehyde, the brand Brazilian Blowout does not; but they sound so similar that it can be confusing. That being said, glutaraldehyde is still in the “hyde” family and therefore Brazilian Blowout should not be used on individuals who are allergic to formaldehyde. Watch for a post coming soon about a keratin treatment with no formaldehyde or related ingredients!

  3. Erin McNichol

    Does anyone know of any places in the Philly/South Jersey area who are offering this treatment? I am def looking for formaldehyde free and hopefully not outrageously expensive. thanks!

  4. There is a stylist locator button at the top of the home page of http://brazilianblowout.com/

    If they’re not listed on there, they’re not doing to the real Brazilian Blowout. If it doesn’t show any, there are other good keratin treatments out there, but do some research re:ingredients and results (both short and long term). Or, give the link to your favorite stylist so she or he can consider getting Certified. They would be the first in the area and therefore in high demand!

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