White on White, Shades of Gray + A Punch of Color

White is a fresh choice for spring after the dark shades of winter.  Runway and real life can both embrace this trend.  It’s so much more doable than head-to-toe patterns, don’t you agree? Wearing white gives a pure, wholesome impression but I had to rock it out a little.  All white is just too sweet for this rocker chick who loves a little edge to her style and usually wears black!

My look consists of:

  • White capri jeans that I’ve owned for a couple of years but wear infrequently. Now that my kids are older, I’m feeling like it’s safe to wear them more often!
  • White tank with gorgeous silver embellishments.  It picks up the light and lets me shine!
  • A killer motorcylce jacket from LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s.  I just can’t get enough of it’s style!  It’s buttery soft and has the edgy zipper details that I love so much which helps this outfit look urban cool!
  • Silver jewelry.  Somehow silver just goes better with white.  It keeps with the cool tone of white and really compliments the look of white on white.
  • The wedge heels.  I know. Gorgeous.  And the pop of red is exactly the finishing touch this outfit needed.

Will white work in your wardrobe? There are two schools of thought.

  1. No way, white with kids??!
  2. Yes! I can bleach it!

I think yes, though maybe white pants are a bit of a stretch if you still have sticky handed kids under the age of 4.  I waited until my kids were older to venture out wearing white pants with them.  It’s not that I couldn’t bleach them at home but I just don’t like being out and being dirty!  It’s not exactly appropriate to tell a friend that I have to leave the play date to go home and bleach my pants!  It’s barely acceptable for my kids to be out and dirty.  Barely.

Should you choose to incorporate white into your spring/summer wardrobe, here are a few tips for doing it right:

  • When wearing white on white, think about fabric textures.  Mix up the fabrics by pairing lace with cotton or chiffon with poplin.   Or, do what I did and wear one that is embellished for some added dimension!  We don’t want to lose you against a white wall!
  • Go all out with white accessories.  White bangles, scarfs or earrings will bring the trend into your wardrobe without having to commit to a full-on outfit.  You can take accessories off if things get messy!  White handbags are so gorgeous but don’t forget the purse hanger so you never have to set it on a restaurant floor!
  • Pair with metallic!  Especially shoes.  White is light and airy, your footwear should be too.
  • Layer.  I love the edgy feel of the jacket I wore but you could pair your whites with a bright cardi or a denim jacket.  (imagine a gorgeous white dress layered under a fitted denim jacket and accented with a turquoise necklace!  Springtime Perfection!)

Remember, don’t just adopt a trend!  Figure out a look that works for your lifestyle and incorporate it with your signature style.

Just don’t wear it on pasta night, ok?

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