What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Do you have an upcoming wedding you need to dress for? Michelle does. She emailed to ask what to wear to her niece’s wedding next weekend. The wedding is in the evening, outside at a vineyard. Michelle lives in Southern California and the weather is suppose to be in the mid-70’s. She has a budget of less than $100, wants something that she can wear again and confesses she hasn’t shopped for herself in a very long time. Michelle is a serious runner and practically lives in her workout wear.

Knowing Michelle won’t have time to shop online, I put together a three outfits from retail stores she has locally.

Elle, jcpenney


Outfit #1:

This look is a great option as it has so much gorgeous color!  Michelle has a fun personality and it will help her embrace her “girly side” without being too over-the-top.  The length is great for Michelle.  She is a runner and needs to show off her great legs!  The sleeveless style allows Michelle to wear her regular bra. The floral print is bold but layering the teal sweater over it will tone it down.  The sweater has a great ruffle detail and will look equally as chic with a great pair of jeans!  The heels are amazing… the colorblock detail is so elegant and the heel height won’t overwhelm Michelle.

Coldwater Creek, Irregular Choice, jcpenney


Outfit #2:

This look is a little more conservative.  While it has a sexy fit, the dress is conservative enough to be appropriate for a wedding.   What I love most about this look is the mix of patterns…an abstract pattern on the dress and a very feminine print/flower detail on the heel compliment each other nicely!  The burgundy scarf ties it all together.  Worn as a shawl, the scarf will provide Michelle extra warmth as the evening cools off.

jcpenney, Allen B.


Outfit #3:
This look is the most flirty of the three. The luxurious dress fabric is perfect for a date night with her husband, even if they are going to a wedding. What you can’t see here is the back detail of the dress, which is a deep cowl. (click the picture to go to the retailer website for more pictures) For the wedding, Michelle can wear the gorgeous capelet to feel more covered. While the pink is not a traditional fall color, the color will compliment Michelle’s skin tone, bringing out her natural, healthy glow. I paired this look with simple, strappy silver heels. They won’t distract from the rest of the outfit.

Any of the outfits can be paired with Michelle’s existing jewelry. A cuff bracelet would be the perfect statement piece for all 3 of the looks.

The key to making an outfit work for a wedding is to ask these questions about your outfit choice:

  1. Is the outfit appropriate in fit so that I won’t be tugging at the hemline all night or checking to make sure my bra strap is not showing?
  2. Am I able to make a statement that is elegant and polished rather than attention seeking?
  3. Does the color and fit compliment me?
  4. Are my shoes comfortable and beautiful?  Can I dance the night away in them?
  5. Did I buy the outfit in the last 2 years (ie is the style modern?)
  6. Do I have layers so I can cover up as the temperature cools?  A large scarf is a perfect compliment to most outfits as it can be pulled over your shoulders like a shawl for extra warmth or secured with a brooch for a more elegant look.

I’ll be shopping with Michelle later this week and I can’t wait to see what she decides on!
What do you think? Which of these 3 outfits do you like for an autumn wedding?

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  1. Love the outfits!

    Hey I just want to add that I went to an outdoor wedding about a month ago. It was in a lovely garden & fairly small & intimate. Although a charming location, the mosquitoes were unusually bad. I thought 10/12 was late enough in the year to be past that but not for Texas. A small tip from me would be to take a travel size of bug spray just in case. At least spray the ankles if you feel it’s needed, and if someone else starts to get eaten up then you can offer them some bug spray.

  2. Great tip Ruthie! I actually had a mosquito on my leg last night and saw another. I was surprised as we don’t get many in So Cal! I’ll make sure to let Michelle know as the wedding she is attending is at a vineyard.

  3. Stunning choices, all the best colors of autumn.