What to Wear for Fall: Diamond Body Type

No matter what your body looks like, you can look fabulous, feel confident and save time shopping when you understand how to dress your body type.

Today, we’ll focus on the Diamond Body Type and what to wear for fall!

Diamond body shape

Your Shape: Your waist is undefined and is the widest part of your frame.
Your Goal: Achieve more of an hourglass shape by drawing attention to the center of your body and drawing attention to your arms and legs.

What to Wear for Fall: Diamond Body Type

  1. This beautiful black dress is an example of a dress style that works for your body type. The A-line skirt flares away from the body and shows off your shapely calves! The wrap style and deep V-neck draw attention to the above the natural waist and just under the bust, creating a beautiful hourglass shape.
  2. The short leather jacket falls above the widest point on your body since most of your weight is carried in the tummy, hips and upper thighs.  Wearing the jacket open, like the model, adds vertical lines to your outfit, elongating your body.  When buttoned, the jacket helps to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette.
  3. A long cardigan hem will hit below the widest part of your body and visually draws the eye down past your midsection.  The fun fringe on this sweater has lots of movement that also draws the eye down.  It’s important to remember to select sweaters that are soft, fine gauge knit to avoid adding unnecessary bulk.  The open front style creates vertical lines to elongate your body. Shop for a 3/4 sleeve or push up your sleeves to reveal your arms and arm bling (see below).
  4. A vibrant dress is a gorgeous choice for fall when neutrals play a large role in women’s style.  You don’t have to wear black to camouflage!  Instead, shop for a dress like this one that belts above the natural waist and creates curves in your shape.  The pleated detail at the neckline draws attention to your face while the fit-and-flare skirt softly falls over your hips and has plenty of movement.  This dress shows off your sexy arms and legs too!
  5. Straight-leg dark denim jeans are a must-have staple in your wardrobe! You want to shop for a pair with legs that fall straight from the widest part of your hip.  Skip denim with designs on the pockets as this will only draw attention to your bottom and make it appear larger.  Look for plain pockets and a dark wash.
  6. A belted blanket cardigan is a cozy fall option.  Tie the sweater above your natural waist to create curves.  The hemline falls below the widest point on your body.  This fun sweater will look great with your dark denim jeans and heeled boots!
  7. Put gorgeous bracelets and rings to work! Show off your arms with eye catching statement jewelry!
  8. Wear sexy shoes! Elongate your legs with heels and make sure they are compliment worthy! (another trick to avert attention away from your midsection)

Layer with sweaters and jackets that fall above or below your waist; belt your dresses and tops above your natural waist line and don’t forget the gorgeous heels, bracelets and rings!

Remember, if it doesn’t work for your body type, don’t waste your time trying it on and definitely don’t waste your money buying it. You deserve to look and feel your absolute best so don’t settle for wardrobe pieces that fail you.

Want to learn more about how to dress your body type? Read more here: Learn Your Body Type and How To Dress It Well

Love, Tammy

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