Waterfall braid
Waterfall braid
A waterfall braid is a romantic or ethereal style in which some hair is allowed to fall out of each link in the braid, as it travels around the head. This hair can be left to re-join the other hair, or curled for  a different look. In this video for eHow.com, I will show you in detail, how to create a waterfall braid:
  • Beginning near one temple, start making a French braid that will travel horizontally, back and around the head
  • Instead of adding hair to the bottom piece, drop it out and take new hair for each link
  • Add hair to the top piece, as you would in a traditional French braid
  • You may find it helpful to have the person you are doing the braid on, hold the pieces as you drop them out
  • Once you’ve traveled about 3/4 of the way around the head, braid the hair in your hands in a classic braid and secure with an elastic band
  • Alternative: Secure the hair near the base of the braid; let it hand down naturally with the rest of the hair, and/or gather it into a side ponytail
  • Alternative: Curl all the hair that is hanging down, then run fingers through curls for a different look

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