Earth Day Savings: Help for Your Wallet and Mother Earth |

It’s Earth Day and time to celebrate her beauty by doing something good for the environment. Planting a garden or a tree, cleaning up trash at the local beach or park, cutting down on water usage at home, using environmental friendly home cleaners and recycling product containers are all ways to help your health and Mother Earth.

Recycling clothes is another great way to be environmental friendly! How?

An estimated 14.3 million tons of textiles were generated in 2012 and tossed into landfills. (source). Instead of tossing unused clothes, pick one of these options:

Donate- there are many secondhand stores in most communities. Many are not-for-profit and the sales aid needy organizations.

Swap- host a swap with your friends and leave with new pieces for your own wardrobe. One woman’s trash is another one’s treasures! (For tips, read How to Host a Shopping Swap)

Resale- When your clothes are gently worn, you can actually sell them and earn yourself some cash! Many women even have pieces with the tags still attached! Do a closet cleanse, including shoes and handbags, and feel the freedom of  a clean closet as well as a chunk of change you can save for something fabulous!

You can also help the environment with your purchases:

Shop Smart- Shop brands that help the environment by going paperless or donating to the good of the world in some way. Supporting these companies encourages others to follow their lead!

Buy Used- when you purchase pre-owned clothing, handbags and shoes, you are saving yourself money and helping the planet.

Fact: ThredUP has so far received over 3.8 Million items for sale or recycling. By buying like-new items on, customers have so far collectively saved 31 million pounds of CO2 and 2.7 billion gallons of water!

Earth Day Savings: Help for Your Wallet and Mother Earth |

I love sharing about I’ve saved a ton of money on clothes, handbags and shoes!  I’ve also earned some cash by selling my wardrobe pieces. As a brand ambassador, I love handing out Polka Dot bags so others can enjoy the benefits as well!  (My tee and skirt are from thredUP!)

Earth Day Savings: Help for Your Wallet and Mother Earth |

If you haven’t shopped thredUP yet, now is the time! They are offering 20% off your entire order until midnight today! Use code EARTHDAY at checkout.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this code and shopping designer handbags! There is nothing better than getting luxe for less AND helping the environment!

Happy Shopping! Leave a comment below telling me what you bought! I can’t wait to hear about the deals you scored!

Earth Day Savings: Help for Your Wallet and Mother Earth |


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