Getting the  most out of a little black dress means choosing a style that is basic, without a lot of detail.  You may think this sounds boring but if you have a classic dress, it is timeless (meaning you can wear it for years to come).  Your accessories are what will make your look exciting.  Like a man’s suit, he switches out the shirt, tie and pocket swatch to change up the look.  You can do the same with accessories and a classic dress.

While this dress has a beautiful classic cut, you are actually limited in how you can wear it because of the bow. The bow creates a very feminine, lady-like feel for the dress. If you were to want to change up your look, using this dress for multiple holiday events, you’d be limited. You would not be able to pull of an edgy look or even a more casual look.

I love, love, love this little black dress. It’s so fun and has gorgeous detail. Lace AND tulle- so elegant and girly! I’m sure you can guess that what I am going to say is that it is not versatile. While you can switch out heels for sleek, heeled boots, you can not go casual with this beauty. And, it’s very recognizable. If you were to meet another individual at 2 different events, they would definitely know you wore the dress twice. There is no shame in that but it would be nice to have an original look for each holiday event you attend.

The peplum detail on this dress is such a hot trend this year. This year. It won’t be next year. When you are investing a little black dress and want to get years of wear out of it, do not spend your money into something trendy like this. I’d also like to add that while peplum makes your waist look smaller, it also makes your hips look wider. This trend is not flattering on most women.

Here is one classic dress you can wear at least three ways:

Classic Elegance: Nothing beats black, red and a hint of silver! This classic look is perfect for a black-tie dinner, a showing of “It’s a Wonderful Life” at a metro playhouse or an intimate candlelight dinner with your man.

Anne Klein, Townsend, London Rebel, Topshop


Artistic: Paired with a great colored trench and a fun handbag, this look is perfect for a holiday party hosted at an art gallery, museum or a beautifully lit patio at a favorite restaurant.

Dorothy Perkins, Via Spiga, Topshop


Edgy: This look is perfect for a girl’s night out or work cocktail party.



Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto, Aldo, Topshop

If you have the budget to buy several different for your upcoming holiday events, have fun shopping! If you only want to purchase one, go for classic and simple then wear it with a variety of different accessories for a fresh look every time you wear it! Remember, you can utilize jewelry, tights, scarves, capes and jackets to change up the look of your dress!

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