Gift Card Exchange Day is Today!

Those stuck with unwanted gift cards from the holidays can exchange them for cash today, during Gift Card Exchange Day. I didn’t receive any unwanted gift cards this holiday but I certainly have in the past! Today is the day to get rid of those unwanted or partial balance cards!

The event — developed by the creators of popular gift card marketplace — is scheduled for the day after Christmas because this is the time when gift card resellers experience depleted inventories and need to re-stock.

Visitors to simply enter the merchant name and denomination for the unwanted card in the appropriate spaces on the homepage. They’ll then receive bids from a variety of gift card resellers, from which they can then pick their preferred offer.

Gift Card Exchange Day reflects the continuing popularity of gift cards, now the most requested holiday present for five years running. While total transactions were estimated to exceed $100 billion, reported lost value on gift cards would likely reach $2 billion in 2010. The event helps ensure less money is lost due to cards received for stores or services that don’t appeal to the recipient.

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