Top 5 Reasons I Love My Brazilian Blowout

Get sleek, smooth hair with brazilian blowout

I’ve had my Brazilian Blowout™ for 2 weeks now and all I can say about it is…FABULOUS!  Seriously, I couldn’t be more thrilled with what it has done for my hair! I spent last week on a roadtrip up the coast with my family and really got to test what the BB could do for my hair!

Top 5 Reasons I love my Brazilian Blowout™:

  1. Hair that Behaves! The coastal humidity did not frizz my hair…at all!
  2. More Time with Family, Less with Blow Dryer! I swam with my kids in the pool and didn’t worry about keeping my hair dry because drying time is cut down by 23 minutes for me! (my family was both surprised and pleased with this new freedom!)
  3. More Room for Shoes! I had more room in my suitcase because I didn’t have to pack my enormous round brush for blow drying
  4. I Use Less Conditioner! I can’t get over how easily I can comb my hair after I wash it (no tangles, which were due to the crazy texture pre-BB)
  5. Lasting Style! My style seems to stay intact better.  During my last blowout I decided to add a flip to the ends.  Two days later, I still had a smooth flip!

I should become the official spokesperson for the Brazilian Blowout™ because I am simply over-the-moon with the results and hope you don’t get sick of me raving about it!

Remember, if you are in Southern California get the Brazilian Blowout™ done by Jordana Lorraine at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey ( phone 310-922-2645)!  Mention A Mom in Red High Heels and receive $50 off the treatment!

I do understand that the cost may be prohibitive to many so I do have an option for you to try.  It’s a DIY treatment called Liquid Keratin. Despite the fact that DIY treatments never last as long or work as well, Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie had good things to say about this treatment. Check out her video review to determine if it’s right for you.

UPDATE, APRIL 2010: Brazilian Blowout™ is now free of formaldehyde and all hyde family ingredients, as shown on their website Read our report: BIG NEWS: Keratin Hair Treatment, Brazilian Blowout™ in Now HYDE-FREE!

Highlights from my trip (including frizz-free hair!):

Kids petting shark at Santa Barbara Aquarium

My kids petting a shark at the Ty Warner Sea Center in Santa Barbara

Family Bike Ride in Santa Barbara

On my birthday, we rented a family bike and road along the beach.

Hearst Castle

Later that day we toured Hearst Castle.  It is such an amazing place and I have a lot of respect for Mr. William Randolph Hearst.  I also learned how amazing his architect Julia Morgan was.  She was a brilliant lady ahead of her time!

Monterey Bay

Overlooking the Monterey Bay in my cool aviator sunglasses by Ralph Lauren!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The kids at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Vineman Half-Ironman

My amazing husband leaving the bike transition to finish the 13.1 mile run in the Vineman Half-Ironman.

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  1. The BB seems pretty awesome. Great pics.
    A late, happy birthday to you.

  2. I agree on all your top 5 reasons to love Brazilian Blowout

  3. Hi, I just got the Brazilian Blowout done last week. I love it! I was wondering if you have any tips? Like what’s the best kind of brush to use, styling products, etc. I know we’re supposed to stick to sulphate free products… so any help would be great! Thanks.


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