Got Toner?

You hear it all the time…”cleanse and moisturize,” but let us not forget the very important “tone.”

Toner is my personal skin care favorite.  I use it on my skin first thing in the morning rather than cleansing.  Over-cleansing dries your skin and causes the oil glands to be over active, which causes oily skin and/or breakouts! Yuck.

Using a gentle toner, like Yvonne Ryding Facial Tonic (this tonic has oil of cinnamon in it and smells AM-azing!), to freshen your skin and remove any dead skin cells in the morning keeps your skin fresh and balanced.  Use at night after cleansing to remove any left over residue. Toner is essential.  If you don’t believe me, try it and look at the cotton ball after you wipe your face with toner.  See the discoloration? That’s grime that you don’t want sitting on your face.

Don’t forget the toner!  It’s the quickest way to a fresh face.

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  1. Audrey says:

    I’m so glad you posted this! Currently I don’t use a toner. My dermatologist does but my aesthetician says it’s not necessary. I use the Clarisonic so I feel I get enough cleansing but I definitely want to give this toner a try. I love that it has cinnamon, which is suppose to be a natural anti-bacterial agent.
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  2. Tammy Gibson says:

    I love toner. Really, truly the fastest way to a fresh face in the morning :)


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