Is it time for a spa weekend break yet? I think so! In fact, when isn’t it a perfect time for pampering and treating yourself to the best in beauty?

Recently a friend and I discussed making plans for upcoming spa days because we deserve it, darn it! We’ve accomplished a lot over the past year and we both need to chill out with a holistic massage, a hydrating facial for our dehydrated skin and a splendid lunch by the poolside (ahem, sans kids and significant others!). Have we made the reservations yet? Nope. Why not? I don’t know, but I have an educated guess.

Here’s my theory…

As women, we give, give, give. We forget that the world revolves around giving AND receiving.

  • To better your relationships, you have to be open to receiving the love of others as well as giving to their needs.
  • To improve your business, you have to give it your all but you also have to receive the flow of money into it or it will die, right?
  • To improve your mindset, you have to receive permission from YOURSELF to take a break from life and go to the spa. It’s that simple.

I want to encourage you to take a Spa Break as much as I want to take a Spa Break myself! To truly unwind, you need to schedule yourself a weekend spa break. This will allow you to totally decompress from the craziness called “life of a busy mom”. Get your husband, in-laws or close friends to split up childcare needs, turn off your cell phone and iPad except when checking in to make sure your husband is surviving and the kids haven’t flooded the house.

If a weekend is simply not an option, a full spa day is the next best thing. If you absolutely can not bring yourself to indulge even that much, take an afternoon and stay away until the kids have been put to bed!

Go ahead, give yourself permission to take that spa break. Say it with me, “I deserve, and will take a spa break before the end of March!” Report back to me on Facebook or in the comments below sharing about your personal Spa Break! I can’t wait to hear!

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