Make the Most of Your Time and Money at Westfield Shopping Centers

Back-to-School is a busy time of year. On top of all your other daily tasks, you have to prepare for the upcoming school year by loading up on school supplies and new clothes for the kiddos! Who has time for that?? And, do most kids really enjoy a big day at the mall shopping for back-to-school?

What if I told you you could make the most of your time and money, the kids would enjoy the experience and you’d all leave happy because you got it done in one afternoon? At Westfield Shopping Centers, it’s possible!

Westfield App v2.0 will help you get around the mall easier and save money.

The Highlights:

  • Shoppers to browse the merchandise offerings of hundreds of retailers located in Westfield shopping centers.
  • Users can browse specific products with keyword searches and then sort by relevance, retailer and price.
  • Users can use keywords to search for special events, dining options, store locations and much more.
  • Westfield App v2.0 will guide user turn-by-turn to wherever they want to go once at the shopping center.
  • Shoppers in search of sales and special offers can browse a curated list of the mall’s best deals, making it easier than ever before to save money while at the same time having the ability to compare products and prices available from different retailers.

I love how technology can simplify my life. While I do enjoy window shopping and strolling through a good mall, when there is a long list to check off, quick and easy is better!

I used the app to search for “Red High Heels Shoes” (because, of course I need new red high heels for back-to-school time!) and had 25 results so based on this info, I can quickly shop red heels!  THIS is helpful technology! LOVE it!


Download Westfield Mobile App V2.0 for iPhone or Android here:


Happy Shopping!

Disclosure: I am working with WFamily and am receiving compensation. I love Westfield Shopping Centers and am proud to be a partner!

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