Three Fashion Tricks To Make You Look Thinner

Forty-five year old Faith Hill is hotter than ever and still rocking the Sunday Night Football song. I love that such a beautiful, stylish, hands-on mom of 3 is represented on Sunday Night Football! Confident moms rule!

Faith’s look this year is edgy yet elegant and shows off her gorgeous legs!

Take a look:

Rumor has it that the dress is Alexander McQueen and the heels are from YSL.

Get the Look:

Faith’s stylist used a couple of great styling tricks that you can also use!

  • Colorblock: The way the black runs up Faith’s sides is an example example on how to use colorblocking to create a thinner silhouette. You can use this trick too! Look for color blocks that run vertical and on your sides (horizontal stripes can cut off your body, making you look shorter).
  • Sparkle and Shine:  The bling that is worn on the arms and shoulders draws the eye up toward the face and away from the middle of the body.
  • Heels. Heels. Heels: Add length to your legs by wearing heels, the higher the better (at long as you can gracefully walk in them!)  Faith’s heels have a short vamp (the portion of a shoe that covers the instep and toes), therefore more foot is showing, creating a longer looking leg.

While Faith doesn’t necessarily need to camouflage or create the illusion of a thinner body, we can learn from what she’s wearing. What do you think of Faith’s look? I love it so much more than last year’s tragedy.

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