Eyewear Stunners

Glasses are not just a necessity, but also a fashion statement. From the unique and sleek styles to fun and flashy colors, you can select a new pair of Wink glasses for every day of the week. Wink by ICU Eyewear is transforming a cold, utilitarian piece of plastic into a unique and highly-personalized fashion […]

Eucerin Helps Fight Winter Dry Skin (+ enter to win)

Holiday time is here!  Yes, it’s true, in just a short 11 days from now, we’ll all be sitting down to the Thanksgiving table.  After that, the holiday fun begins!  I don’t know about you but my schedule is already filling up!  The last thing I want to be concerned with is my skin!  But […]

Spring Organizing with Clear Shoeboxes (enter to win a set!)

Spring cleaning & organizing! Yikes, the words bring anxiety to me. I know when it’s all over, my life will be better and I’ll be in a happier, more organized space. There is LOTS to do (don’t judge!) since I have books, papers, products, shoes, and clothes overflowing my office and closet. I’m blessed, I […]

Jessica Alba Uses Rene Furterer Hair Products

While we don’t know which product she uses exactly, it’s evident by this photo that Jessica Alba got her hands on some great Rene Furterer Hair Product! I know this brand well as I was so fortunate to visit the salon while in Paris. The products are intensely moisturizing. It’s not uncommon for a new […]