Hunger Games…A Hit or A Miss?

Who saw Hunger Games this weekend? I’ve heard mixed reviews. One friend said she was disturbed and should have gotten up and walked out and yet the move debuted at an estimate $155 million! I won’t be seeing it. Kids killing kids is not for me. However, I’m loving the…

Fall Makeup Trend: Golden Eyeshadow

Urban Decay has presented two gorgeous looks to demonstrate the golden eyeshadow trend that is hot for Fall. Both looks use the same two shadows of eyeshadow: Half Baked (highlighter) and Honey Deluxe (on the crease). Notice how the colors look very different on the two models with different skin tones.

In this look, I think they applied the shadow more heavily for a more intense look. The lips are soft and neutral (Love Child Lipstick) so that the eyes are the focus of the face. This look is for the glowing goddess in me.