How to Look Fabulous on a Budget for a Special Occasions

image credit: Camp Conrad-Chinnock Special Occasions can cause a mixture of emotion. You are excited for the event and anticipate having a great time. You also are nervous about dressing appropriately and looking the part, not to mention stress about the price tag such an event carries with it. Nails, hair, shoes, accessories and a […]

Exclusive: Heather Harrigan, Stylist with Vintage Couture, Talks Beauty and Fashion

Your Name: Heather Harrigan How many children do you have?  Daughter Ava, 6 & Son Luciano, 5 Your Business Name: Brief Description of Your Business: I’m an Independent Fashion Stylist for an amazing line of children’s boutique apparel and matching accessories for the whole family. Shop Now on my website or contact me to […]

I Am Thankful For Tommy Hilfiger

With today being World Diabetes Day, I’m excited to share of a partnership of two great organizations. Tommy Hilfiger has teamed up with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for the month of November (National Diabetes Month). Given that JDRF was a primary source of information when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes nearly 2 […]

Working for Superheroes: A Tribute to Parents of Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

The mom of the little girl featured in the video above sent me a beautiful tribute, of which you will read below. Her daughter has Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac, just like my daughter. As I watch the video, I have to choke back tears because what you see is only a fraction of what […]

Diabetes: It’s Our Thing Now

As a regular reader of A Mom in Red High Heels you may have noticed the posts stopped updating on Wednesday. On Wednesday, February 3, 2010, our lives changed forever. My five-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Her sweet little body no longer produces insulin on it’s own and she will be insulin […]