How to Wear Booties in the Summer


The BEST, absolute best, thing about fall is that boots come back into the wardrobe.  This year, go ahead and start wearing them a little early!  After you buy that awesome pair of booties that are on pre-fall sale, work them into your wardrobe.  I mean, why wait??  Get your money’s worth and put them […]

The Best Wardrobe Staple for Spring: Print Dresses


If you can only buy one piece for your spring wardrobe, make it a dress!  One with a beautiful print, like florals, water color, dots or stripes, is going to be your most used dress this season!  Look for a cut that is classic enough to offer your wardrobe a lot of variety.  Modern detail […]

One Fashion Rule Moms Need to Break RIGHT Now


Are you a rule breaker? Good, because I have an old fashion rule that needs to be broken by moms everywhere! It’s time to liberate yourselves moms! Begin wearing white again!(yes, even moms with itty-bittys at home!) It’s not as scary as you think! I’ve handpicked some really fabulous (I mean REALLY fabulous) pieces for […]

Dramatic Glamour: Leather Details


This season, leather goes beyond jackets to give your wardrobe a chic vibe, from subtle piping on a clutch to a mixed material jacket. Give your wardrobe a downtown flair that compliments a ladylike silhouette. By adding a touch of leather, your day look can but just as luxurious and hip as your evening look! […]

Are You Living Your Truest Self?

Westfield Style Tour with Stacy London

Major thrill in my life: Meeting Stacy London! While my interview with Stacy was quick, it was also fabulous. You have to understand, I looked forward to watching What Not to Wear at lunchtime when I first started staying home with my newborn baby 11 years ago. Stacy’s wit and style advice on the show […]