One Fashion Rule Moms Need to Break RIGHT Now


Are you a rule breaker? Good, because I have an old fashion rule that needs to be broken by moms everywhere! It’s time to liberate yourselves moms! Begin wearing white again!(yes, even moms with itty-bittys at home!) It’s not as scary as you think! I’ve handpicked some really fabulous (I mean REALLY fabulous) pieces for […]

3 Ways to Get Your Hands Ready for Spring


After a long winter of covering your hands with gloves, wearing dark polish and piling on the lotion to fight dry skin, it’s time to get your hands ready for spring! 13 Stylish Ways to Get Your Hands Ready for Spring by amominredhighheels   Tip 1: Adorn your hands with fabulousness! Colorful rings and whimsical […]

Bring On The Pretty Pedi!


There is no great reason to crave spring than a fabulous pair of sandals that will show off a pretty pedi! My toes are begging to escape the confines of closed-toe shoes and slip into something more sexy! My, how fabulous these are! RADA’ Platform sandals