Jennifer Garner’s Favorite Beauty Tip

Jennifer Garner is featured in Redbook’s Beauty Q&A in the August issue and she gives a very candid glimpse into her simple but effective beauty routine. On the makeup that she wears everyday: “Most days I don’t get around to makeup. If I do, it’s pretty simple: concealer, blush, mascara and some lipcolor. If I’m […]

4 Steps To Younger Looking Skin

I’m not going to lie… looking at my reflection is getting hard to face.  Aging is my biggest skin care concern!  I see the wrinkles from way too much sun as a youth. I see the discoloration of way too much sun as a youth. Makes me wish I could take back the attempts at […]

Dr. Wu And Aveeno Help Us Get Healthier Skin

Dermatologist and author Dr. Jessica Wu has jumped started the conversation about how what you eat does make a difference in how your skin looks.  I’m a huge fan of her book Feed Your Face and have referred it it in several beauty articles I’ve written.  I love this list of key tips to help […]