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Join the Fight Against Skin Cancer

Not only is today Cinco de Mayo, it is Melanoma Monday! Melanoma Monday is an effort to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin cancer, and to encourage early detection through self-exams!  Awareness and diligence is everything! In an effort to do their part, NEUTROGENA® kicks off their Choose…

My Skin Cancer Scare


I’ve become hyper-aware of skin cancer stories in the last few of years. See, I grew up in Arizona where the sun doesn’t stop shining and yes, I did my fair share of suntanning with baby oil. Mind you, I am of Dutch descent and my skin doesn’t tan all that well so it was an ongoing quest to get the golden brown skin I coveted.

While in college, I spent a lot of money and time at the tanning booths.

After college, I became a full-time Physical Education Specialist, working outside in my “classroom” (the school yard), year-round for 5 years. I did finally succeed in getting those beautifully tanned legs but with unwanted short and sock lines! I wised up a bit the final 2 years of my teaching and wore a visor religiously and applied sunscreen to my body, including my legs.

My husband and I enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities including sailing, kayaking, riding our bikes and running. All of which are, of course, in the sun. Vacations always evolved around a pool or a beach. All this to say, I subjected my skin to a lot of sun damage in the first 30 years of my life.

After having our first child, our activities changed. We no longer were able to participate in the same types of recreation and I was very careful not to be out in the sun for the protection of my son. He has fair skin like I do. I would say that in the last 8 years, I’ve done pretty well protecting my skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

But alas, I am not in the clear. Due to the sun exposure and damage already caused from my earlier years, I recently had to have TWO a pre-cancerous spots removed.