Allergy Season Relief

Do your kids suffer from allergies? Mine do. In fact, our entire family has allergies but my son’s are most severe. During spring and fall, he is miserable. When we notice persistent symptoms of sneezing, red eyes and a cough, we start him on a regimen of allergy medication and diligently work to maintain other […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Confidence

Most women could use a boost in confidence.  They feel uncertain, worried and live with doubt rather than confidence. Don’t feel disappointed in yourself if this is you. You can improve your confidence and quality of life by working on your personal style. Before you dismiss the idea that your style has anything to do […]

Small Wonders for Women Who Like To Look Good

<img src=”;sz=1×1&#038;t=blog%3Damominredhighheels3kohls&#038;c=123456789?” width=1 height=1 border=0/> Women are addicted to tiny cases and boxes.  Those filled with beautiful makeup, jewelry or chocolate are the best kind!  The holiday season doesn’t have to be overindulgent.  Give small, quality gifts that make a woman feel special! Stocking stuffers and small gifts from the beauty department are sure to […]

3-Step Quick Beauty Looks To Get You Out The Door And Looking Great

Life is busy. Way too busy. When you are a mom you want to simplify where you can, when you can so you have more time for the important things like being with your family, exercising or…sleep! Here are 3 Beauty Looks that you can achieve in 3 Quick Steps for those mornings when you […]