Could 2013 Be Your Year to Start a Business of Your Own?

As we close out 2012, you may be looking for new opportunities for 2013. Something that you can do to help the family income yet maintain control of your own schedule. You want it to be fun, for sure and if it included discounts on fashion and beauty, wouldn’t that be lovely? Here’s a suggestion: […]

One Busy Mom, Five Helpful Girls Equals A Successful Avon Business

How does one woman manage a household, a husband, 5 daughters, an in-home daycare and a business? This is Avon Representative Shawna Snyder (shown with 3 of her girls and one of her child care kids). You’ve met her recently in a Real Moms, Real Beauty interview where she shared about her beauty/fashion routine. Today, […]

Exclusive: Meet Shawna Snyder, Avon Leader

I had the privilege of interviewing Shawna Snyder, a mom of 5 (ages 20y, 16y, 11y, 7y, 5y), who is a leader with Avon Corporation.  I wanted to hear from Shawna what it’s like running her own Avon business from  home and perhaps encourage you to do a similar thing should you so choose.  Maybe […]