Proactiv + Skin Care Is The Perfect Holiday Gift for Yourself or Another (+ enter to win)

The best gifts are those that pamper and beautify…at least in my opinion! Who doesn’t love to benefit long-term from a single gift?While it may not seem like skin care is as exciting as something that sparkles and shines, it is. Here’s why:When your skin is glowing, healthy and clear, you feel more beautiful. When […]

Super Clean: Use a Deep Cleansing Brush for Healthier Skin

NEW! Proactiv® Deep Cleansing Brush I started using retinol. Really what I wanted from the dermatologist was a type of chemical peel to get rid of some dark spots due to breakouts but it costs as much as Botox and so I had a choice to make.  Botox won. So, I started a retinol formula […]

On-the-go Skin Care Must-Haves

I’m in the process of scheduling a summer trip to Michigan with my Mom and Daughter to visit my 91 year old Grandma!  Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit and have learned how to be a better packer! One thing I NEVER skimp on is the skin […]

6 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Confidence. It’s something we all want, have struggled with at some point in our lives (or perhaps, still struggle with?), and want to pass on to our children. How best to do that? Here are 6 ways that I’ve found to boost self-confidence: Find something that you are passionate about. Learn how to do it […]

Skin Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea helps fight acne and with Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer, you can add needed moisture to your skin at the same time that you are fighting acne (a great multi-tasking product)! If you’ve used acne medicine in the past, you know that it can leave skin dry and tight. While I’ve personally not experienced […]