The Truth: Can I Have a Keratin Treatment While Pregnant?

Keratin hair treatments can smooth and straighten unruly locks, and have exploded in popularity in the past 6 months. Women are quick to want new beauty items, and salons are quick to want business, but as with anything new, there are precautions to take. You want to research both the treatment and the stylist you are considering before taking the plunge. Stay tuned for an upcoming post with details on how to do so!

While there are many questions women have about keratin treatments, one very important question has popped up a few times and there seem to be conflicting answers. That question? “Can I Have a Keratin Treatment While Pregnant (or nursing)?” Manufacturers say no. Salons are split; some will, some won’t. And it’s so new that many OB’s may not yet know what they are or how they work.