Feel Good About Your Online Shopping

Doesn’t it feel nice to give? As we roll into the season of giving, I want you to remember to focus on that. It’s easy to stress out on finding the perfect gift, freak out over how much is being spent, or scold yourself for not planning ahead while you are doing last minute shopping! […]

Valuable Resource for Savvy Online Shoppers

Are you an online shopper? Me too and I don’t shop without a discount or sale! I’ve taught my husband, who is also an online shopper, to always hunt for discounts before buying something. Even if it is just free shipping, savings are appreciated! To make life easier, I start with BluePromoCode.com. This site isn’t […]

Smart Shoppers Maximize Their Shopping Dollar with MyPoints.com

You are a smart women, right? You expect the best, right? Then this article is for you! Today’s shoppers are smart and expect more. Not only do they want a quality product at a great price, they want benefits for shopping with stores. It’s alright, you are not being selfish if this is you. The […]

$17.76 Sale at 6PM.com

I recently fell in love with 6PM.com, an online outlet for designer bargains. Run like Zappos.com, the search function is amazing, allowing you to find your size and desired styles quickly and easily. When online shopping is made simple, it saves you tons of search time! Plus, you’ll find amazing prices on 6PM.com, saving money […]