Beautiful Change Challenge: Grocery List

WARNING! The following content may scare you… Eating too much animal protein actually strips our body of beauty, because digestion of protein produces toxins in the body. Because it takes so long to (digest meat) in that hot environment (the long intestine), it can start to putrefy, or in other words, rot, causing unhealthy bacterial […]

Beauty and the Feast: How to get Gorgeous, Smooth Skin from your Diet

By Emily Laber-Warren for The Style Glossy Does your daily regimen include wash, toner and an $80 night cream? That doesn’t mean you’re on track for getting silky, smooth skin. Ingredients in food — including vitamins A, C and E, and less well-known chemicals such as lycopene and linoleic acid — create smooth skin and […]

Dr. Wu And Aveeno Help Us Get Healthier Skin

Dermatologist and author Dr. Jessica Wu has jumped started the conversation about how what you eat does make a difference in how your skin looks.  I’m a huge fan of her book Feed Your Face and have referred it it in several beauty articles I’ve written.  I love this list of key tips to help […]