Happy New You: Beauty Changes for the New Year

It’s the new year and time to commit to some changes!In this video I share why it’s important to switch up your skin care and how to find the products that really work for you. I reference the H2O Plus Editor’s Favorites Beauty Box Skincare Gift Set available at Kohls.com or in the beauty department […]

Beyond a Beautiful Smile

We all love to look beautiful, there is no question about it.  What is even better is when we are healthy and beautiful! Your smile is your best accessory and as we close out 2012 in a few weeks, I want you to question your mouth’s health.  Is it as germ free as it could […]

Resolve to be More Organized

I just asked my hubby if he was going to set any New Year’s resolutions.  He said, “Yeah, like I do every year and they never work.”  Like it’s the resolutions fault? I hold no judgement.  I’m the same way.  Every year I resolve to drink more water, exercise more often, eat more fruits and […]