Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle and Healthier Planet

As much as life seems to stay the same from year to year, it also changes in minor ways that we may not even realize until we reflect on the past year. Since Earth Day 2016, there have been a couple of changes in my life (perhaps yours too, if you live in Southern California) […]

Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Bestie (+ enter to win!)

It is December and time to get serious about shopping for all of your gift giving needs! It is no fun rushing around just days before Christmas trying to find the perfect gift (speaking from experience!) so start now and save yourself the frustration! Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive or come from fancy […]

Go Natural, Mama! Skin Care That’s Good for You!

Yes, Earth month is over but it may be just the beginning of your awareness to go natural when it comes to your lifestyle choices! If you don’t already know, what you put ON your body matters just as much as what you put IN your body! Everything that you use topically gets absorbed into […]