Yes! Really Comfortable Heels Exist!


Have you struggled to find heels that are actually comfortable? I know, it’s almost silly to use “Heels” and “Comfortable” in the same sentence but Rockport has made it happen! Introducing the Seven to 7 High Plain Pump. The classic style of these pumps makes them extremely versatile! Styled for work or after hours, you’ll […]

What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day


Moms are saying they really don’t want STUFF for Mother’s Day. How do I know? I asked them! I posted this on Facebook: Finish the sentence: What I want for Mother’s Day is… Being that the page is beauty/fashion centered, I thought I’d receive comments from several moms wanting a Coach handbag, a mini-shopping spree […]

What to Wear: The Sweet Look of Mother’s Day

romantic hair and makeup

You are surrounded by love as you celebrate Mother’s Day. Enjoy the attention and wear something stunning! If you are celebrating with a meal, think flirty and ultra-feminine: The Outfit: A gorgeous lemon yellow dress with flirty ruffles Neutral/Hot Pink sandals (such a great contrast to the yellow!) Hot Pink Clutch Feminine bow earrings Hair […]

Love Is A Hug From Mom (+ giveaway)

Coach LOVE

Love is a hug from Mom. Nothing compares. If you are a mom, you understand the power of your arms wrapped around your child. If you are not yet a mom, I’m sure you remember how the hugs from a special woman- mom, grandmother, mentor- meant the world to you in a difficult or special […]

WOW Every Mom (+ enter to win)

Yay! Great skin!

One of my favorite features of a good hotel room is a lighted magnifying mirror. I have the BEST brow cleaning sessions with those mirrors because I can see all the fine hairs that I miss with a normal mirror! It’s not a product I have felt the need to spend the money on but […]