Night Out Alternatives for Busy Moms

As a mother of a young one, or even multiple children, it can be exhausting. There is a one hundred percent chance that these women need space and time to just let their hair down, exhale, relax, and throw their feet up on their favourite piece of furniture while doing as little as possible. Yes, […]

I Am Waking Up

Last week my friend and blogging sister, Bailey of Makeover Momma, made a big announcement on her site. She has decided, for the good of her family, to step down from her amazing position as Makeover Momma editor.  She will no longer share her fabulous writing, reviews and insights with us.  The web is saying […]

Meet Carrie Cavender of Hollywood

Your Name: Carrie Cavender How many children do you have? One 2 year old son, Jackson Your Business Brief Description of Your Business: An up to the minute celebrity gossip website, featuring celebrity fashion, fitness and beauty tips as well as other celebrity hi-jinks. When do you make time to run a business with […]