Join Ali Brown LIVE today!

Happy Friday! Many of you may be wondering why I have so heavily been promoting Ali Brown’s THRIVE video series and Livecast over the past 2 weeks.  It’s simple.  Many of my readers are moms running small businesses from their homes and THRIVE is an amazing opportunity to step up in your business and really […]

Join Ali Brown LIVE Tomorrow!

Ladies, TOMORROW is DAY 1 for award-winning mentor Ali Brown’s *FREE 2-day Livecast*.  I’ve was able to get my hands on the schedule and putting it mildly, it’s going to be awesome! I’m so excited!  I’ll be taking time away from homeschooling to tune into Ali and her guests.  It’s going to be such inspiring, […]

This Is So Simple, Yet Life Changing…

Hey Girls! I know a lot of you are brilliant moms who have created your own business. I know you work hard, late into the night, juggling family and business. It’s tricky to accomplish it all but you are motivated and passionate about family and business, determined to make it all work! You’re hearing a […]

Moms in Business, It’s Time to Thrive!

Have you ever felt a lack of motivation in building your business? A “Why the heck am I doing all this work for?” It hits everyone from time to time (including me), and what I like to do is get a quick “refresh” on why I’m an entrepreneur. My mentor Ali Brown has this new […]

Support A Mom: Shop Her Biz

Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas was only a month ago.  Seems like ages ago!  How has your 2011 started?  Ours was full of illness, urgent care visits, hospital visits, the start of homeschool for our oldest child in addition to our youngest…yep, it’s been an eventful year thus far!  So, here we are, almost […]