The Story Of A Mom With Stage 4 Brain Cancer and 3 Young Daughters

We talk about beauty and fashion on A Mom in Red High Heels because it’s fun. We also talk about it because how you feel about yourself matters. When someone you love is losing her hair because the medication she is taking to try and save her life is causing it to fall out, you […]

Julie Hearts Red High Heels

Julie from I Heart Heels has an amazing sense of style and she’s a mom (such a great combination!)…therefore she is a mom in red high heels. Well worn Jules! Thanks for sharing your pair of red high heels! Everywhere you look you’ll find people with great style. Look at the key pieces in their […]

Meet Kim Rowley of Key Internet Marketing, Inc

Your Name: Kim Rowley How many children do you have? Four! Taylor – 17, twins Macy & Mallory – 14 and Tatym – almost 10. Your Business Name: Key Internet Marketing, Inc. Brief Description of Your Business: Specialize in affiliate marketing websites that help others save time and money, including,, and When […]