One Fashion Rule Moms Need to Break RIGHT Now

Are you a rule breaker? Good, because I have an old fashion rule that needs to be broken by moms everywhere! It’s time to liberate yourselves moms! Begin wearing white again!(yes, even moms with itty-bittys at home!) It’s not as scary as you think! I’ve handpicked some really fabulous (I mean REALLY fabulous) pieces for […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Wearing Your Personality

Your wardrobe is so much more than the clothes on your back.  They are an expression of your personality.  Don’t be afraid.  Be bold.  Tell the world who you are without speaking a word! I am so proud of women who embrace their personal style!  If you don’t know what your personal style is yet, […]

Stacy London Says…Floral Dresses!

I recently spoke with style guru, Stacy London. The woman is amazing. She seriously rocks. Any style question I asked, she rattled off an answer with knowledge and details. I just love her. As a part of the Westfield ambassador program I participated in the past few months, I was able to speak with Stacy […]

Never Let Motherhood Steal Your Style (+ enter to win a FREE consultation with fashion stylist, Arezoo Tarkin)

In today’s world, a mom is a super hero. You know the drill…cooking, cleaning, driving, refereeing…add a job, homeschool or a home-based business to it and you pretty much = SUPER MOM. As showcased in the mega hit movie, Avengers, a super hero always has it together, including a great uniform complimented by accessories! What […]

The Answers to 4 Spring Fashion Questions that Will Help You Shop Smarter (+ enter to win)

Our friend Spring is HERE! Welcome! We are excited to finally have you as we’ve been talking about you for months now! Pull out those spring trends, ladies! Leigh Belz, Deputy Editor of People StyleWatch answers some questions I had about spring trends. Leigh shares information that will help you streamline your spring shopping and […]