Begin Your Life-Changing Transformation Today

Begin Your Life-Changing Transformation Today Based on Carol Tuttle’s book, Dressing Your Truth-Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile, there are Four Dominant Personality Types. If you struggle to feel like “you”, feel conflict in the dressing room or have the feeling that you are not living true to yourself, then it’s…

Create Your Own Sexy Transformation Like Actress Lea Michele

I’m always a fan of a good makeover and when it’s just a few minor changes making a big difference, it’s even more fun! Isn’t it amazing how things like bangs and the color of your lipstick can have such an impact on your look? If you are feeling a bit stuck in your look, pick something minor like adding bangs or adding a different gloss to your hair and see how a little goes a long way!

Case in point, Glee actress Lea Michele recently underwent her own sexy transformation as reported by Daily Makeover:

Before: © Jordan Strauss/WireImage
After: © Todd Williamson/WireImage