Make Up Bag Remix: Time to Clean Out Your Make Up Bag


Is your makeup bag overflowing? It may be hard to part ways with some of the cute little tubes and jars that clutter your bathroom counter and handbag but it’s time! Since it’s the new year, make it a resolution to clean out your makeup bag! The Mobile Make Up School will help! Bring your […]

Making Purple Lipstick Wearable


Hot new trends indicate that PURPLE is a go-to color for spring.  Loving it for wardrobe, accessories and eye makeup but can it work for the lips?  With Make Up For Ever, it can! It’s not too wild and crazy! I promise, you won’t get weird stares when you sign your kid in at school! […]

Out With The Old, In With The New: 3 Eye Shadow Palettes To Own in 2012

Make Up For Ever Wild & Chic Aqua Premium

When was the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag, tossing what was old and expired? Makeup does expire and for your health, it needs to be tossed after expiration. Eye makeup has an expiration date, from time of opening, of 2 years for powders and 12-18 months for cream shadows. It’s time to […]