On the Beauty Aisle: 90 Seconds to Skinny [VIDEO]

You didn’t get enough sleep last night, did you? I know how hard it is to keep your life moving forward and get your beauty sleep. Nearly impossible on most nights…. But, I have found a 90 second solution to helping you look like you had a full 8 hours! Watch the video to find […]

Feel Exhausted? Look Refreshed in 5 Minutes Flat!

You may have been up all night running tissues and cold compresses to your child, but you’ve still got to show up to that staff meeting this morning looking a little more human. In between dispensing doses of cough syrup and medical advice to the babysitter, you can pull off a sophisticated, office-appropriate look in […]

Look Awake with White Eyeliner

I don’t know about you but I am feeling so tired lately. It’s the heat. It’s the 24/7 care of my children (when does school start again?). It’s the vacations and mixed up routine. I can get by feeling tired by grabbing a little snooze while the kids play nicely (that lasts for maybe 5 […]