Best and Worst Hair at the 2013 VMAs

  The best overall look goes to Taylor Swift, without question.  Her hair, make-up, and dress were all amazing!  Many others tried, but none succeeded in eclipsing this talented beauty.  She also looked happy, had fun, danced to some of the performances, and despite the plunging neckline she didn’t look garish or naked.  Let’s take […]

Best and Worst Hair of the 2012 Grammy Awards

Jennifer Hudson’s Whitney Houston tribute brought tears to every Grammy viewer with a pulse!  Only Adele could steal attention away, with her glamorous make-up and her armful of Grammys. BUT–neither of these ladies made my ‘Best Hair’ list (or my ‘Worst Hair’ list, though the latter was close.)  So let’s get down to business! Top […]

Create Your Own Transformation

Do you know who this is? Lady Gaga! The transformation of this sweet looking brunette to a bold dressing blonde in just a few short years is amazing. Who says clothing and hair doesn’t change how people view you? Lady Gaga is a fashion icon today and while she wears things you and I wouldn’t […]