Kimberley Clayton Blaine


What Are You Doing for Yourself in 2010?

It’s practically 2010, can you believe it? Your kids are going to be another year older in 2010 (well, so are you but we don’t need to go there…)!  I have to ask, since your kids are growing more independent, what are you doing for yourself in 2010? Make 2010…

Looking for a Little Mommy Confidence?

We all sometimes feel like we fall short as moms, wives and women. That’s normal. But, don’t hold onto that feeling! It only works to disappoint, sadden and eventually wound your inner diva. What you need is a little encouragement. You need someone to be your friend and tell you that you are doing great and you probably just need to reclaim your balance and seek yourself out.

While I like to encourage you to find your inner diva via beauty routines, fashion and taking pride in how you present yourself to the world, I know someone who has a slightly different approach to helping you rediscover your inner diva!

It’s Time to Gain Your Mommy Confidence

Mommy Confidence: 8 Easy Steps to Reclaiming Balance, Motivation, and Your Inner Diva by Kimberley Clayton Blaine, The Go-To-Mom, needs to be next on your reading list!

Even when times get difficult, whether due to economic or unfortunate circumstances, Blaine states, moms need to accept and find peace in their lives. There is always time for change. She says, “Children learn invaluable lessons when they see their mother toughing it out and still being a cheerleader of life.” Children inherit maternal strength and confidence.