Kim Kardashian: Platinum Blonde Makeover

Love it or hate it, Kim is a very dark brunette who has gone drastically blonde…Jordana Lorraine tells us how she would have done it!

Kim Kardashian Goes…Even Blonder?!

Kim Kardashian is officially blonder than Bake Lively, Kate Hudson, or even an Olsen twin.

Kim Kardashian Tries Going Blonde Again…

Kim’s most recent makeover took five hours and included a base lift and two full highlights, according to her stylist, and I spy some telltale signs of hair extensions as well.

Watch For Kim Kardashian’s Sexy SKECHERS Commercial During Super Bowl XLV

Kim Kardashian is going to be steaming up TV screens across the nation during the Super Bowl!  Watch for her SKECHERS Shape-ups Super Bowl commercial airing close to the two minute warning during the second half. Distract the kids as it’s suppose to be quite provocative and steamy! Kim will breaking someone’s heart- exactly who’s, […]