Brazilian Blowout Summer Trend: Keep the Curls, Lose the Frizz!

April showers, May grey, June gloom…any way you twist it, Springtime isn’t the best and the brightest season for hair. Curls get crazier, frizz gets fluffier, and what do we do?  Add some highlights to brighten it up (and dry it out, adding more frizz)?  Plan a vacation (most likely to a warm, humid place)? […]

Is Dry Shampoo OK to Use On A New Keratin Treatment?

Linda writes in with an excellent question about keratin treatments: “Considering keratin treatment in June. Can I use dry shampoo during the 72 hr post-treatment? My stylist says yes but some sites say no.” Knowing from personal experience that waiting 72 hours to do anything with your hair after certain types of keratin treatment is […]

Pure Brazilian Keratin Smoothing System Is Put To The Test

It’s time for another Keratin Treatment test! I drove to Santa Monica last week to meet up with my friend and keratin treatment specialist, Jordana Lorraine. We were going to test a keratin treatment that neither of us have used in the past. My hair hasn’t had a keratin treatment for at least 18 months […]

Keratin Treatment Companies Address Safety Concerns

Keratin Treatment Specialist Jordana Lorraine shares safety information from the newly-formed Professional Keratin Smoothing Council.

Client Review: Formaldehyde-Free Brazilian Blowout ZERO

When Brazilian Blowout announced their new product, Zero, without so much as a trace of formaldehyde, I was ecstatic!  I wanted to try it right away, and I was dying to know how it compared to the Original (find out here.)  I took a class (stylists, check schedule here,) and set about trying it out. […]