Why You Need To Take a Fall Vacation

During the summer, all the vacation hot spots are swarming with people trying to get some sun while it lasts. Sure, the summer is convenient for family vacation because the kids are out of school, but is it worth all the traffic, outrageously expensive prices, and crowds everywhere? Save your summer vacation time and opt […]

Exclusive: Style and Success Tips from Jennifer Weisman, Founder of Just Bones Boardwear

Your Name: Jennifer Weisman Your Business: Just Bones Boardwear™ Brief Description of Your Business: Just Bones Boardwear™ revolutionizes boardshort design by offering edgy lifestyle clothing with comfort and flexibility. Awarded two patents, our design provides the perfect fit with a hidden adjustable waist on the back of the boardshorts, allowing them to be re-sized even while wearing. This is […]

Hand-Me-Downs: The Dos and Don’ts

Any family with multiple children understands what a money saver hand-me-downs can be. Children grow up so quickly, meaning they often only get a year of use, at most, out of perfectly good clothing items. With hand-me-downs, you can continue passing clothes down to the younger kids in your family or friends to get greater […]