Splurge: Sassy Sunglasses

I use to wear expensive sunglasses. Before I had kids. Now they get tossed about so hastily, I find it hard to believe I could ever spend on a nice pair of sunglasses again. I love my Target sunglasses. Really, I do. I’ve purchased the same pair twice, that’s how much I love them. But…I’m […]

Bring On The Snow! Juicy Couture To The Style Rescue

Oh my goodness! It’s snowing?! Not where I am but I hear there is snow around the country! It’s a blessing and a shock for many of you, I’m sure. I suggest you greet it with a good attitude and say, “BRING IT ON!” Pull out your winter gear and hit the slopes or the […]

Fashion Tips from Barbie

Yes, Barbie, the doll. My daughter talked me into getting her another Barbie today with a pack of 4 very hip outfits to change her into. I’m OK with Barbie. She’s cool. I know many women have issues with the unrealistic body type and oh-so-perfect beauty. Don’t hold it against the doll. She’s changed! Really! […]