Give Luxury This Holiday Season

Luxury is something we all desire for our lives. There is nothing like the feeling of owning or experiencing “the best”.  Who doesn’t love to feel spoiled and pampered? Luxury means high quality, lasting pleasure and extravagant living. If you are in the position to spend on luxury gifts this holiday season, here are some […]

Accessorizing To Fit Your Style Personality

Don’t just toss on any old bracelet! Your wrist candy should compliment your personal style. Instead of shopping trends, shop what is right for your style! Have you ever worn a bracelet that just drives you crazy all day long? Either it is too chunky for your taste or it feels too youthful for your […]

Outfit Inspiration: Summer Soiree

An evening party on the terrace is the perfect place to wear this boho chic look. Keep your shoes flat for the perfect effortless casual look. You’ll look dressed to impress without even trying! Featuring: Gold Metallic Sandals Halter Maxi Dress Brooke Clutch Sunset on Seine Drop Earrings Seascape Leather Wrap Bracelet (Did you see my […]

8 Days of Twisted Summer: Beach Party

There really isn’t anything more “summer” than the beach! Take it along with you if you can’t actually walk the shores! Recently when I attended the Benefit Dinner for the Redlands Bowl, I wore my Twisted Silver Beach Earrings! Twisted Silver Beach Earrings are filled with authentic California beach sand!  How’s that for year-long beach […]

Flash Sale: Shop Suey Boutique Handbags and Jewelry

We all love a discount on fashion accessories!  Shop Suey Boutique is having a FLASH SALE today! Don’t miss out on gorgeous handbags and jewelry at discounted prices! Step away from the neutral handbags!  Wear a color instead!  This Andrea Satchel is perfect for every season! Pair it with whites and brights for summer; gray […]