5 Skin Care Rules Estheticians Swear By

If you suffer from breakouts, this video is for you! Find out what skin care professionals recommend you do (and don’t do!) to help your skin look it’s best. Click to watch now: Your skin care habits matter. What you do on a daily basis will impact the health of your skin. Everything from products, […]

Beauty and the Feast: How to get Gorgeous, Smooth Skin from your Diet

By Emily Laber-Warren for The Style Glossy Does your daily regimen include wash, toner and an $80 night cream? That doesn’t mean you’re on track for getting silky, smooth skin. Ingredients in food — including vitamins A, C and E, and less well-known chemicals such as lycopene and linoleic acid — create smooth skin and […]

How To Combat Sun Damage

More excellent skin care tips from Dr. Jessica Wu, author of Feed Your Face. Dr. Wu has partnered with Aveeno to help us keep our skin looking youthful and fabulous. Find out, in the following video, what Dr. Wu suggests we eat to help with existing sun damage: Aveeno Presents – Dr. Jessica Wu Tips […]

Live 2011 With Better Skin

Who invited bad skin to the party?? I didn’t but apparently it’s crashing the party. ugh. But, I am being proactive this year. It’s a resolution of mine to dig myself out of the hole that swallowed me last year and actually LIVE life instead of just surviving. I went to a dermatologist yesterday to […]

Detox For More Beautiful Skin

Ever since my visit to We Care Spa a couple of months ago, I’ve had a new appreciation for the many benefits of detoxing. I learned about many ways toxins harm our body and how we can fight back daily with a variety of detox methods. A year ago, my husband and I did the […]