National Flip Flop Day

The third Friday of June marks National Flip Flop Day. Celebrate the day by purchasing fabulous Flips that are just your style! From sporty to glam, there is a Flip for you! More Miss Me…

Top 10 Short Hairstyles To Rock This Fall

After cutting a lot of length off my hair in July I have decided that it is now my mission to grow my hair…as long as I can…just to try it. I’ve always loved long hair but it gets to a point and I get tired of it or I listen to others who recommend […]

How Moms Rock The Red Carpet

Just look at these gorgeous moms! It’s been said before and I’ll say it again, being a mom does not have to stop you from living out your dreams! Yes, children are part of the dream but that should not stop you from striving to acheive in other areas of your life! Each actress shown […]

Recreate Halle Berry’s Retro Bob

Gorgeous mom, Halle Berry is one to watch for fashion and beauty inspiration!  She is, no doubt, a woman of great confidence and beauty who knows how to look stylish in every day life.  With a little help from the professionals, she is down-right stunning.  Lucky us, we get the inside scoop from Daily Makeover’s […]