Olaplex: a Game-Changer for Hair!

Have you ever wanted to go blonde (or blonder), and been told it would be too harsh on your hair? Have you ever had a conditioning treatment that felt good when you left the salon, but was back to normal in a few days? Has your hair been damaged by color, bleach, perms, straighteners, blow-drying, […]

Stop Ruining Your Hair Color!

So you finally have the hair color you LOVE! Congrats! Tell me, why are you ruining it? Yes, ruining it! Every time you wash your hair with a shampoo that is not sulfate-free, you are stripping away that beautiful color and washing it down the shower drain. How sad. Start giving your hair color some […]

Model Makeover–Blonde Addiction

Hair color expert Jordana Lorraine gives makeover advice to a beautiful blonde model in search of a new look.

Ashley Simpson’s Hair Color Change

New mom, Ashley Simpson, has once again changed her hair color to blond. If you recall she was a dark red while pregnant with baby Bronx.  She’s returned to a pretty blond with nice highlights around her face. Ashley has been every shade of hair and I really think she looks stunning in all colors! […]