Dreaming of Cinderella’s Slippers!

Once upon a time, there was a mom who worked…a lot. She blogged, she homeschooled, she did laundry, dishes, sweeping and all the other not-so-fun chores that it takes to run a household.  She was tired of the day to day and dreamed of the day her prince would whisk her away for one magical […]

Get Inspired By Gwen Stefani

This post is brought to you by Toyota Corolla (click the logo and check out the GORGEOUS Barcelona Red Metallic Corolla…it would look FAB with my red heels!): Moving from pop icon to mom to fashion diva, Gwen Stefani is one to admire! Gwen exudes confidence in a way that we all should! With her […]

Go Natural, Mama! Skin Care That’s Good for You!

Yes, Earth month is over but it may be just the beginning of your awareness to go natural when it comes to your lifestyle choices! If you don’t already know, what you put ON your body matters just as much as what you put IN your body! Everything that you use topically gets absorbed into […]